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What the duck is Foodprint?

Unveil the potential of Foodprint, a community-driven initiative inspiring users to lessen their environmental food impact. Your partner in reducing daily food emissions and elevating your culinary journey.

Eat better

Buy less

Save the planet

Save money

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A Green & Social Cookbook


With recipes all added by members of the community

Lists and planner

Plan better and buy less with our smart shopping lists and meal planners

So Social

Follow your friends to see their activity, favorite recipe's or plan meals together!

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Start cooking today

Discover a collection of community-contributed recipes on Foodprint. Explore new favorites or share your own recipes to join our lively community. Your recipe might even win our Recipe of the Month challenge by earning the most likes!

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Recipe impact

Make better choices

Discover the true impact of your meals on CO2 emissions, water usage, and animal welfare. Gain awareness and make mindful choices for a greener future.

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Meal planner

Plan better, Buy less

Effortlessly plan meals ahead using our convenient meal planner. Coordinate meals with friends or roommates and instantly add ingredients to your grocery lists. Cut down on food waste through smart planning—get started today!

Shopping lists

A better way to do the groceries

Streamline your grocery shopping experience with our smart shopping lists. Simply add all the ingredients to a (shared) shopping list and shop hassle-free with others due to realtime updates. No more confusion or missed items – just easy, efficient grocery trips together.

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Digital pantry

See what you have at home

The digital pantry is your virtual storage for food, helping you manage ingredients, their expiry dates, and sending timely reminders for items that need attention. Say goodbye to forgotten or expired ingredients hidden in your cupboards, and no more purchasing duplicates of what you already have!

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Recipe suggestions

Based on your pantry

Unlock recipe suggestions tailored to your digital pantry, allowing you to create mouthwatering dishes with just a few additional ingredients. Simplify your cooking experience and make the most of what you already have on hand.

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So social

Inspire your friends

Stay connected with friends and explore their culinary preferences by following their favorite, newly added or made recipes. Collaborate on grocery lists and meal ideas effortlessly!

Join the community

Download the Foodprint app now and start reducing your meal impact!